AMT-SYBEX Aviation is part of Jonas Computing (UK) Limited. This Aviation business unit has been developing software solutions since 1994. Effective Leasing Software is of critical importance in providing support and accurate decision-making information for Aircraft and Engine Lessors, where transactions are complex and involve assets worth billions of dollars. For this reason, AMT-SYBEX has developed a scalable and comprehensive solutions suite, which addresses the key activities of Aircraft and Engine Lessors world-wide.

Our industry focused team is made up of professionals who share an in-depth knowledge of the Aircraft and Engine Leasing industry. In partnership with our customers, we have a clearly defined roadmap that defines the future development of our solutions, enabling us to continue meeting the challenging future needs of the world’s top Lessors.

We have experienced strong, sustained and self-funded growth, and have emerged as market leaders in the Aviation Lessor marketplace. Leasepoint is used in over half the top twenty Aircraft & Engine Lessors. We are proud to have worked with our clients, many of whom are Global leaders in their field. Leasepoint has the power, flexibility and integration capability to ensure that control is in the hands of the business.

With a successful track record of large-scale implementations – many involving complex integration with clients’ existing back-end systems – we are very confident of our ability to make our solutions deliver benefits to your organisation.

We value long term client relationships. We have high calibre people, market leading products and strong global partnerships. We look forward to helping our clients meet the challenges ahead.