Streamline your data capture process with the technical asset management module as it allows you to maintain detailed portfolios of aircraft, engines, LLPs, Landing Gear and APUs. With unparalleled depth of function, it provides status information on all major components and forecasts for maintenance checks, overhauls and performance restorations.

With our Technical Asset Management module, you can:

Reduce Exposure

Reduce exposure with the asset ownership and operational history function which allows you to record all key milestones in the life of your asset.

Increased flexibility

This highly customisable module allows you to build your own asset classes such as aircraft, helicopters, ships, transportation and logistics.

Improve communication

This function allows you to record the extraordinary level of detail which you require enabling you to communicate more effectively with suppliers and partners.

Scalable Solution

The Technical Asset Management module allows you to scale efficiency as you can effectively manage an unlimited number of assets. A proven, scalable solution that grows with you.

Specification on demand

LLP management allows you to manage parts at the level of detail you require. Configurable technical specifications can be stored and integrated with your data collection process, and brochures can be produced based on the latest information.